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Aloe ramosissima

Aloe ramosissima is profusely branched with no main trunk and it is this characteristic that makes it easy to distinguish between it and Aloe dichotoma. The name 'ramosissima' means highly branched. Aloe ramosissima's South African national tree number is 30.2.

Common Names: Maiden's quiver tree, Nooienskokerboom.
Status: Vulnerable due to mining activities and overgrazing.
Distribution: Aloe ramosissima is found only in the Richtersveld and southern Namibia.
Description of Aloe ramosissima:
Aloe ramosissima are two to three meters in height with smooth stems. Aloe ramosissima is so highly branched that it appears to be a shrubby plant. The smooth stems terminate in small rosettes of leaves.Tthe leaves are oblong in shape and greyish green in colour, they are 200mm in lengthand 20mm wide at the base. Leaf margins have small brownish teeth.
Flower Description :
Flowers are borne on a fairly short inflorescence about 200mm in length, flowers are yellow in colour and are fairly large.
Flowering Time: June to August in the southern hemisphere.
Cultivation of Aloe ramosissima:
Light: Light shade to full sun.
Watering: Careful watering.
Frost Protection: Required.
Notes: Aloe ramosissima is easy to cultivate, a well drained medium is required with careful watering and frost protection.

Picture: Aloe ramosissima in cultivation.

Aloe ramosissima

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