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Aloe mitriformis
Asphodelaceae, Pillans

Aloe mitriformis derived it's name from the shape of it's rosette that resembles a mitre or a bishop's cap, especially so during times of drought.

Common Names: Kransaalwyn, Mitre Aloe
Status: Not Threatened.
Distribution: Western Cape, Nieuwhoudtville to Genadendal.  Found on granite outcrops, rocky ridges and lower slopes.
Description: Plants (75 cm) sprawl along the ground with ends ascending and leafy.  Leaves short, broad, fleshy and bluish-green in colour.  Most leaves are without spots or lines but have prickly margins.
Flower: Dull scarlet flowers crowd in dense heads, flowers are tubular and droop. The flowering period is January to February.
Flowering Time: Aloe mitriformis flowers in the summer months from December to February.
Cultivation of Aloe mitriformis:
Light: Full sun, light shade tolerated.
Watering: Careful watering, drought resistent.
Frost Protection: Frost protection against severe frost required.

Image: Aloe microstigma.

Aloe mitriformis
Photographer:  Eurica Teichman of Aloe Seed Source

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