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Aloe bowiea
Roem & Schult. f.
(Aloe bourea, Bowiea africana, Chamealoe africana)

Aloe bowiae is considered to be an unattractive specimen (which makes it so attractive to collectors), it is this factor that makes it so easy to identify.

aloe bowiae is readily identified by its size and shape of its leaves, the dull green flowers are also only a characteristic of this plant.

Aloe bowiae was named after James Bowie, an early plant collector.

Common Names: -
Status: Endangered due to collection, urban and industrial expansion.
Distribution: Restricted to a small area in the Eatern Cape near port Elizabeth and Kariega.
Description of Aloe bowiea:
Stem: Stemless, clump forming and vry rarely solitary, plants reach a maximum height of 140mm and several plants form mats that can be up to 500mm in diameter.
Leaves: Leaves are a pale green colour, long and thin in shape hile broad at the base. Whitish spots are present near the base. Leaf margins have tiny white teeth present.
Flower Description:
Inflorescence: Inflorescence is simple and up to 250mm in height.
Flower: Flowers are small and a dull-green colour.
Flowering Time: Flowers throughout the year, epecially specimen in cultivation. More flowers are produced in the summer months though.
Cultivation of Aloe bowiea:
Light: Light-shade to full sun.
Watering: Careful watering.
Frost Protection: Required.

Does well in rockery and container cultivation.

Aloe bowiea forms many offsets and one can easily remove these offsets that can be placed in pots and rockeries.

A well drained soil is required, I use the following type of mix for Aloes that I grow in pots;

  1. 2 parts coarse sand.
  2. 1 Part well sieved compost.
  3. 2 parts washed sand (from the garden).

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Reference: Guide to Aloes of Southern Africa.
Picture: Please contact me if you have images I can use.

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