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Aloe variegata

(Aloe ausana, Aloe punctata, Aloe variegata var. haworthii)

Aloe variegata is often mistaken for a Gasteria specie when it is not in flower, it may be confused with two Aloes that are found in Namibia (Aloe dinteri and Aloe sladeniana).

The name 'variegata' refers to the variagation on the leaves.

Common Names: Partridge Breast Aloe, Tiger Aloe, 'Kanniedood' which means 'cannot die' when translated.
Status: Not threatened.
Distribution: Aloe variegata prefers the the dry parts of southern Namibia, Namaqualand, Karoo and the Orange Free State.
Description of Aloe variegata:
Stem: Plants are stemless and form groups of a few rosettes.
Leaves: Leaves are a dark-green colour and may even be brown. Leaves are variegated, leaf surfaces are smooth but a distinctive keel is present on the lower leaf surface. Leaf margins are armed with tiny teeth.
Flower Description :
Inflorescence: Simple inflorescence with a raceme that large flowers hanging loosely from it.
Flower: Flower is relatively large, and vary in colour from a dull-pink to red and seldom yellow in colour.
Flowering Time: Flowering occurs throughout July and September.
Cultivation of Aloe variegata:
Light: Aloe variegata looks it's best when grown in full sun.
Watering: Careful watering is required, plants are prone to rot if overwatered, especially inn the winter months..
Frost Protection: Required.

Aloe variegata or the Partridge Aloe as it is commonly named thrives in medium to large sized pots and it can be eaily propagated via offsets and seeds.

A well drained soil is required, I use the following type of mix for Aloes that I grow in pots;

  1. 2 parts coarse sand.
  2. 1 Part well sieved compost.
  3. 2 parts washed sand (from the garden).

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Reference: Guide to Aloes of Southern Africa.
Picture: Please contact me if you have images I can use.

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