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Aloe framesii
L. Bolus
(Aloe amoena, Aloe microstigma v. framesii)

Aloe framesii and Aloe khamiesensis are very closely related. Aloe framesii is a coastal specie and Aloe khamiesensis is found in mountains. What distinguished Aloe framesii apart from Aloe khamiesensis are the numerous rosettes, absence of erect stems and Aloe framesii has fewer racemes (usually 3 while Aloe khamiesensis has 4 or more).

Aloe framesii was named after Percy Ross Frames who first collected it to the north of Port Nolloth.

Common Names: Bitteraalwyn which mean 'Bitter Aloe' when translated.
Status: Not threatened.
Distribution: Aloe framesii prefers flat, sand areas but they are also found on rocky hillsides along the west coast of South Africa from Saldanha in the South to the north of Port Nolloth.
Description of Aloe :framesii
Stem: Stems are procumbent and inconspicuous, up to twenty rosettes are formed.
Leaves: Leaves are 300mm in length and 30mm in width. Leaves are a pale-green to reddish-brown colour. The leaves surfaces are marked with numerous small white marks, leaf surfaces are smooth. The leaf margins are armed with small triangular teeth that are reddish-brown in colour.
Flower Description :
Inflorescence: Simple 80 - 90 cm inflorescence that could be 2 or 3 branched. The racemes are dull-scarlet colour.
Flower: The flowers are tubular in shape, orange-red in colour with the tips a greenish-yellow colour.
Flowering Time: Flowering occurs from July to August.
Cultivation of Aloe framesii:
Light: Full sun.
Watering: Careful watering.
Frost Protection: Required.
Notes: Aloe framesii does not grow well in cultivation, it requires a well drained medium and prefers as winter rainfall.
Reference: Guide to Aloes of Southern Africa.

Picture: Aloe framesii in habitat, Kleinzee Reserve

Aloe framesii in habitat

Photographer: Andre Van Wyk.

Picture: Aloe framesii, juvenile plant showing the leaf arrangement in young plants.

Aloe framesii, juvenile plant

Picture: Aloe framesii

Aloe framesii

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