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Aloe gariepensis
(Aloe gariusiana)

Aloe gariepensis is similiar to Aloe chlorantha, Aloe gariepensis has larger flowers, up to 20mm in length, another distintive characteristic that Aloe gariepensis has is a distinct longitudinal line on the leaves. The leaves of Aloe gariepensis also turns a distinctive pink or bright reddish colour in times of drought, which can help in distingusihing the two species.

The specie name 'gariepensis' refers to the plants distribution near the Gariep River which is better known as the Orange River.

Common Names: -
Status: Not threatened.
Distribution: Aloe gariepensis can be found on rocky slopes and in rocky crevices from Keimoes in the east to the Richtersveld in the west in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.
Description of Aloe gariepensis:
Stem: Plants are usually solitary, size varies from small to up to 1m in height, stems are short and erect.
Leaves: Leaves are green to a reddish colour, the leaf surfaces are marked with longitudinal lines and are marked with numerous spots. Leaf surfaces are smooth. Leaf margin is armed with sharp small triangular teeth.
Flower Description :
Inflorescence: Simple inflorescence that is up to 1,2m in height. Racemes are narrow and oblong, yellow to yellowish-green in colour, the buds may occasionally be red with the flowers turning yellow when they open.
Flower: Flowers are tubular in shape, slightly wider at the mouth. The young buds are hidden by large leaf bracts. In some species the buds are red and the flowers turn yellow when opening.
Flowering Time: Flowering occurs in July to September.
Cultivation of Aloe gariepensis :
Light: Full sunlight.
Watering: Careful watering.
Frost Protection: Required.
Notes: Aloe gariepensis is not suited for general garden cultivation.
Reference: Guide to Aloes of Southern Africa.

Picture: Aloe gariepensis

Aloe gariepensis

Photographer: Andre Van Wyk

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