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Aloe cryptopoda

(Aloe pienaarii, Aloe wickensii, Aloe wickensii var. lutea, Aloe wickensii var. wickensii)

The specie name 'cryptopoda' means 'hidden foot', it refers to the flower stalks that are hidden by large leafy bracts.

Aloe cryptopoda is one of the most spectacular aloes when in flower and it is a popular garden aloe. It comes in three forms: a)Yellow form, narrow oblong racemes, flowers all yellow; b)Red form, oblong red racemes with bright red flowers; c) Bicolored form(Previously known as Aloe wickensii), bud are red, open flowers gradually turn yellow.

Common Names: Geelaalwyn (Yellow Aloe)
Status: Not threatened.
Distribution: Aloe cryptopoda can be found more or less along the southern border of the Northern Province. It can be found in open spaces, bushveld or rocky slopes.
Description of Aloe cryptopoda:
Stem: Stemless, densely leaved rosette.
Leaves: Leaves are smooth and greyish-green in colour, narrow and oblong in shape, leaf-margins are armed with small and sharp teeth that is reddish-brown in colour.
Flower Description :
Inflorescence: Inflorescence is branched into 3 to 8 racemes, racemes sre 200mm to 400mm in length.
Flower: Aloe cryptopoda has 3 colour varieties, namely uniform red, uniform yellow or bicoloured. Flowers are 30mm-40mm in length, tubular in shape and slightly upturned at the mouth.
Flowering Time: Flowering occurs during June and july but may occur as early as February.
Cultivation of Aloe cryptopoda:
Light: Full sun.
Watering: Careful watering.
Frost Protection: Required.
Notes: Popular garden aloe because of the spectacular display of flowers.
Picture: Aloe ramosissima in cultivation.

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