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Aloe haemanthifolia

Aloe haemanthifolia cannot be confused with another specie, although the leaves can be compared with Aloe plicatilis, which is a small tree with a trunk and branches.

Aloe haemanthifolia received its specie nasme from the similiarity of its leves to a bulb genus call Haemanthus.

Common Names: -
Status: Considered critically rare.
Distribution: Aloe haemanthifolia is found in the mountains of the south-western Cape from stellenbosch in the south to Ceres in the North. It can be found on mountain peaks and south facing rocky slopes. The distributiob area occurs in a high winter rainfall area.
Description of Aloe haemanthifolia:
Stem: Aloe haemanthifolia is stemless and forms up to twenty rosettes that have a fan-like shape.
Leaves: Leaves are broad and long, strap-shaped, up to 200mm in length and 80mm wide. Leaves are bright green in colour with no blemishes on the leaf surfaces, leaf margins are pinkish in colour. Leaf bases are sheating and they overlap one another.
Flower Description :
Inflorescence: Simple inflorescence.
Flower: The orange-red or scarlet flowers are borne on a head-shaped raceme that can be up to 500mm in height. Flowers are tubular and slightly club-shaped.
Flowering Time: Flowering occurs mainly in October but they occasionally flower in September through to December.
Cultivation of Aloe haemanthifolia:
Light: Light shade to full sun.
Watering: Careful watering in summer.
Frost Protection: -
Notes: Difficult specimen to cultivate.
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