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Aloe krapohliana

Aloe krapohliana is a distinctive specie and it's identification is not easily confused with another Aloe specie. Characteristics include small rosettes, large racemes (in relation to such a small plant) and the banded leaves. The only other Aloe that has banded leaves is Aloe cryptopoda which is considerably taller.

Aloe krapohliana gets it's specie name 'krapohliana ' from the first collector of the specia, H.C. Kraphol.

Common Names: -
Status: Aloe krapohliana is vulnerable due to overgrazing, collecting and mining activities.
Distribution: Aloe krapohliana can be found on sandy flats and rocky slopes in the north-western corner of the Northern Cape.
Description of Aloe :
Stem: Aloe krapohliana forms a rosette, up to 200mm in diameter, on a single stem. Although a new form has been described (A. krapohliana var. dumoulinii) that forms small rosettes in clusters of up to fifteen heads. Stems are absent but may develop in very old specimens.
Leaves: Leaves are smooth, narrow and oblong up to 200mm in length and 60mm ast the base. Leaves are grey-green in colour and have minute white teeth on the leaf margins. Leaves appear to be striped due to an strange greyish-brown bands on the leaves.
Flower: Description
Inflorescence: Inflorescences are simple but they are occasionally branched and up six may appear from a rosette. Racemes are 160mm in length and up to 60mm in diameter.
Flower: Flowers are tubular in shape, 35mm in length, dull red with tips tinged a greenish-yellow colour.
Flowering Time: Aloe krapohliana flowers from June to August.
Cultivation of :
Light: Full sun required.
Watering: Careful watering at all times. Aloe krapohliana is found in an extremely arid part of the Northern Cape and it will not tolerate overwatering.
Frost Protection: Frost protection is required.
Notes: Aloe krapohliana is

Picture: Aloe krapohliana

Aloe krapohliana  photogarphed in habitat

Picture: Aloe krapohliana flower.

Aloe krapohliana  flower

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