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Aloe peglerae
Asphodelaceae - Cites App. II

Aloe peglerae can perhaps be confused with Aloe aculeata when it is not in flower. Aloe aculeata can be distinguished from Aloe peglerae by the numberaous tuberculate thorns that are present of the lower surface of the leaves.

The shape of the raceme gives Aloe peglerae an unique appearance when in flower which makes identification of it easy.

Aloe peglerae is named after Alice Peglar, a well-know plant collector.

Common Names: Red-hot poker and Bergaalwyn (Mountain Aloe).
Status: Aloe peglerae ias considered critically rare due to a small population and collection.
Distribution: Gauteng (central Transvaal), Aloe peglerae is found on high, rocky, north-facing slopes of the Magaliesberg.
Description of Aloe peglerae:
Stem: Solitary rosettes and rarely will smasll groups form on short or absent stems.
Leaves: Leaves are greyish-green or reddish-brown (during dry periods) in colour, narrow and triangular in shape, 250mm long and 80mm wide, leaves are curved inwards to form a neat ball. Leaf margins are armed with sharp brown thorns that are 5mm in length, also present are two short rowd of thorns on the leaf surfaces.
Flower Description :
Inflorescence: Simple inflorescences that is quite short, raceme is robust and bicolored.
Flower: Flowers are up to 30mm long and are broad and tubular in shape. Buds are dark red in colour which cahges to a greenish-yellow when the flowers open. Conspicuous dark purple stamens protrude up to 25mm from the mouth of the flower.
Flowering Time: Flowers occurs during July and August.
Cultivation of Aloe peglerae:
Light: Full sun.
Watering: Careful watering.
Frost Protection: Required.
Notes: Considered easy to cultivate if given well-drained soil and a sheltered spot in the garden

Picture: Aloe peglerae in cultivation.

Aloe peglerae in cultivation


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