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Aloe striata (Coral Aloe)

Aloe striata is not easily mistaken for another specie due to its distinctive smooth greyish-green leaves that are marked with conspicuous longitudinal lines.

Two subspecies are recognised, Aloe striata subsp. komaggasensis an Aloe striata subsp. karabergensis.

Aloe striata subsp. komoggasensis has leaves that are a brownish colour with distinct longitudinal lines visible on the leaf surfaces, leaf margins are white.

Aloe striata subsp. karasbergensis leaves have longitudinal lines that are just visible and the leaf margins are white.

Aloe striata means 'marked with lines' which refers to the numerouslongitudinal lines that are present on the leaf surfaces.

Common Names: Aloe striata has quite a few common names in Afrikaans (local dialect in South Africa), these names are; Blouaalway (Blue Aloe), Gladdeblaaraalwyn (Smooth Leafed Aloe), Makaalwyn (Tame Aloe?), Streepaalwyn (Stripe Aloe), Vaalblaaraalwyn (Pale Leaf Aloe). In english it is commonly referred to as the Coral Aloe.
Status: Aloe striata var. komaggasensis is considered threatened due to a small population, overgrazing and unscrupolous collectors. Aloe striata, Aloe striata var. striata and Aloe striata subsp. karasberginsis are not thretened.
Distribution: Aloe striata subsp. striata is found in the Western and Eastern Cape proince. Aloe striata var. karasbergensis is found in the Northern Cape from Prieska to the northern parts of Namaqualand.
Aloe striata subsp. komaggasensis is found in the mountains around Komaggas in the Northern Cape of South Africa.
Description of Aloe striata:
Stem: Stems are usually absent but very old specimens may develop procumbent stems that is covered with persistent dried leaves.
Leaves: Leaves are blue-green in colour and broad and flat in shape. Leaves are curved upwards to give it a boat-shape. Leaf surfaces are smooth and distinct longitudinl lines are present. The leaf margins are spineless, edges are soft and reddish in colour.
Flower Description :
Inflorescence: Up to 3 complex inflorescence are formed, numerous head to cone shaped racemes branche from the inflorescences.
Flower: Flowers are bright-orange to pinkish-red in colour, slight basal swellings are present. A yellow flowering form has been recorded in the Eastern Cape.
Flowering Time: Aloe striata flowers from July to October.
Aloe striata subsp. karasbergensis flowers from January to March.
iAloe striata subsp. komaggasensis flowers in December an January.
Cultivation of Aloe striata:
Light: Light shade to full sun.
Watering: Will tolerate a wide watering regime.
Frost Protection: Required.

Picture: Aloe striata subsp. karasbergensis.

Photographer: Etwin Aslander

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