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Aloe thorncroftii

Aloe thorncroftii is closely related to Aloe suprafoliata, it differs from Aloe suprafoliata by having larger leaves that often have tips that are dried out, sparsely packed raceme and longer flowers.

Aloe thorncroftii is name after the first person who collected it, George Thorncroft.

Common Names: -
Status: Rare due to a small world population.
Distribution: This high-altitude dpecie is restricted to a small area in the mountains near Barbeton in Mpumalanga.
Description of Aloe thorncroftii:
Stem: Plants are solitary with the stem absent or very short.
Leaves: Leaves are broad and pointed, up to 400mm in length. Leaves can be a dark reddish-green to a bluish or greyish-blue colour. The leaf tips are dried and are red in colour. Leaf margins are armed with brownish triangular sharp teeth.
Flower Description:
Inflorescence: Inflorescence is simple and up to 500mm in height, it is sparsely coverd with flowers.
Flower: Flowers are a psle to dsrk-red colour and up to 60mm in length.
Flowering Time: Flowering occurs in September.
Cultivation of Aloe thorncroftii:
Light: Full sun.
Watering: Careful watering.
Frost Protection: Required.
Notes: Aloe thorncroftii is more difficult to cultivate than its relative Aloe suprafoliata.
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