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Aloe dabenorisana

Aloe dabenorisana was named after the Dabenoris Mountains where it was first collected. Aloe dabenorisana and Aloe meyeri are the only two Aloes that hang of off face cliffs in South africa.

Common Names: -
Status: Rare due to illegal collection and a small overall population.
Distribution: Aloe dabenorisana occurs only in the Dabenoris Mountains in Bushmanland where they grow in quartzitic rock crevices.
Description of Aloe :
Stem: Aloe dabenorisana like Aloe meyeri hangs down off of cliff faces in the Dabenoris Mountains. Stems branch at the base to form a cluster of 1 meter. Aloe dabenorisana is similair to Aloe meyeri but A. dabenorisana is larger and stemless.
Leaves: Leaves are recurved, deeply channeled. leaves are dull green in colour with a reddish tinge. Leaf margins are armed with small triangular white teeth. Aloe dabenorisana shares a common characteristic with Aloe pearsonii which is that juvenile plants leaves are arranged in four to five vertical rows.
Flower: Description
Inflorescence: Infloresecences are branched and consist of two to four cone shaped racemes. The racemes grow downwards from the hanging stems and the terminal parts are bent upwards.
Flower: Flowers are orange to red in colour.
Flowering Time: Flowering occurs from August to November.
Cultivation of :
Light: Full sun.
Watering: Very careful watering is required.
Frost Protection: Frost protectio is required.
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