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Aloe meyeri
Asphodelaceae, Pillans
Aloe meyeri has been named after Rev. G. Meyer who first collected specimens of this specie. Aloe dabenorisana and Aloe meyeri are two of the only pendulous or hanging aloes in South Africa.
Common Names: -
Status: Aloe meyeri's is considered rare due to it being confined to the Rosyntjieberg.
Distribution: Aloe meyeri is restricted to a small distribution area in the Rosyntjieberg in the richtersveld, Northern Cape. It's distribution occurs on the Namibian side of the Rosyntjieberg as well.
Aloe meyeri Description:
Stems: Aloe meyeri grows hanging down on cliff faces on the Rosyntjieberg. Stems are up to 1 meter in length and branch at the base. Offsets occur at the length of the stem.
Leaves: Leaves are rosette forming and erect, up to 300mm in length, they are bluish green in colour. Leaves are caducous.
Flower Description:
Flower: Flowers reddish-orange in colour with green tips. Tubular in shape.
Inflorescence: Simple inflorescence, head shaped racemes that curve upwards.
Flowering Time: Flowers during the summer months of December to February.
Cultivation of Aloe meyeri:
Light: Full Sun.
Watering: Careful watering is required to grow Aloe meyeri in cultivation.
Frost Protection: Frost protection is required.

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