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Aloe distans

The name 'distans' means far apart and may refer to its geaographical distribution.

Aloe distans can be distinguished from other creeping Aloes by it's very long creeping stems which are covered in old dry leaves. Aloe distans stems and leaves are less robust than Aloe mitriformis but their flowers are similiar.

Common Names: -
Status: Rare, due to small distribution area.
Distribution: Aloe distans has a small distribution area, it is found from Danger Point nortwards to St. Helen Bay.
Description of Aloe :

Stems form a dense group of prostrate stems that can be up to 3 meters in length with many offshoots.

Leaves: Rosettes are formed of fleshy, bluish-green leaves that are up to 150 mm in length. Both surfaces of the leaf have whitish dots (lower surface has more), Leaf margins are armed with firm, yellowish teeth. Leaves are caducous.
Flower: Description
Inflorescence: Inflorescence is branched and terminating in up to four racemes that are head-shaped. Each raceme is tightly packed with flowers.
Flower: Flowers range from a dull orange-red to a bright red colour.
Flowering Time: Aloe distans flowers during the middle of the Western Cape dry season in December.
Cultivation of :
Light: -
Watering: -
Frost Protection: -
Notes: Aloe distans is difficult to cultivate and it does not usually do well in cultivation.

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