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Aloe lutescens

Aloe lutescens can be mistaken for Aloe cryptopoda, especially the bicolored form. What distinguishes Aloe lutescens from Aloe cryptopoda is its clustered growth form, yellowish-green leaves and the narrow oblong inflorescences.

Aloe lutescens received its name 'lutescens', which means 'becoming yellow', from the red buds turning yellow when the flower opens.

Common Names: -
Status: Not threatened.

Aloe lutescens prefers a stony and dry rocky areas in Savannah vegetation and it is often found in shade.

It is found between the Soutpansberg and the Limpopo river in the Northern Proince of South Africa.

Description of Aloe lutescens:
Stem: Short horizontal stem with dense groups of rosettes arising from it.
Leaves: Leaves are yellowish-green in colour, oblong and narrow in shape and curved inwards near the top. Leaf margins are armed with smasll sharp teeth, leasf surfaces are smooth and unmarked.
Flower Description :
Inflorescence: Inflorescence divides into three branches with a narrow oblong raceme that is 400mm in length.
Flower: The racemes are distictly bicoloured with the buds being red in colour and the flowers turning yellow when they open.
Flowering Time: Flowering occurs during June and July.
Cultivation of Aloe lutescens:
Light: Light shade to full sun.
Watering: Careful watering.
Frost Protection: Required.
Notes: -
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