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Aloe reynoldsii

Aloe reynoldsii and Aloe striata are closely related to one another and therefore can be mistaked for the other. Aloe reynoldsii has waxy leaf margins with small white teeth and it bears yellow flowers while Aloe striata has smooth leaf margins and bears red flowers.

Aloe reynoldsii has been named of the well-known Aloe specialist, G.W. Reynolds.

Common Names: -
Status: Aloe reynoldsii is vulnerable.
Distribution: Occurs in the eastern part of the Eastern Cape of South Africa on cliffs near the mouth of the Bashee River. This part of South Africa has quite a high humidity factor.
Description of Aloe reynoldsii
Stem: Stems are absent or very short stems are present but covered with the remains of old leaves. Plants seldom form solitary rosettes and will clump quite readily.
Leaves: Leaves are a blusih-green to light yellow colour. Leaves can feel waxy in texture. Leaf margins armed with small white teeth. Leaf surfaces are marked with longitudinal lines and numerous H-shaped marks.
Flower Description :
Inflorescence: Complex inflorescence that has many racemes.
Flower: Flowers are yellow in colour. The base of the flowers are slightly swollen and mouth is wider than the base, flower is tubular in shape.
Flowering Time: Flowering occurs during September and October.
Cultivation of Aloe reynoldsii:
Light: Light-shade to full sun.
Watering: Can tolerate diferent watering regimes.
Frost Protection: Tolerates light frost.
Notes: Aloe reynoldsii does well in cultivation.
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