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Leaf Bug Control

Common Name: Leaf Bugs
Latin Name: Miriadae
Size: 3-4mm
Colour: Straw Coloured
Transfer: Crawling Insect

Leaf Bug Description:

Adult and immature insects are both small, flat elongated insects. Adult leaf bug insects are 3-4mm long and are straw coloured.

Signs of Infestation:

Leaf bugs are sap feeders, they suck sap on the lower surfaces of leaves which cause yellow spots and eventually cause the leaves to yellow and fall off. Severe leaf bug infestations may cause young shoots to die off causing bushy growth.

Leaf Bug Control:

Environmentally Friendly:

Please email me your solution, use the contact sheet, thanks.

Chemical Control:

Spray plants with oxydemeton methyl in September and November, vice versa if you are located in the Northern hemispere. Spray infested plants wwen present.

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