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Nematode (Eelworm) Pest Control

Common Name: Eelworms
Latin Name: Nematoda
Size: Microscopic to 12mm
Colour: -
Transfer: Infected soil

Nematode Description:

Many species of nematodes are beneficial to the soil but there are nematode spp that attack plant roots, these are known as roor knot nematodes. Female nematodes are pear shaped while grubs and males look more worm-like. Nematodes are microscopic in size.

Signs of Infestation:

Infested plants will wilt quite easily in hot weather, plant become yellow. Knots on roots.

Damage done by Nematodes:

Nematodes prevent plants from getting all their vital nutrients from their roots, which will cause the plants to be stunted. Lesion nematodes cause dead spots around their feeding areas which allows other organisms to attack the roots which usually causes rot.

Succulent pelargoniums and Sarcocaulon species are susceptible to eelworm attacks.

Treatment of Nematodes:

Environmentally friendly:

Companion plants, like Marigolds, grown close to your plants and then dug into the ground chases the eelworms away. The smell of the Marigolds is apparently unbearable for the eelworms.


Drench the soil with an eelworm pesticide.


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