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Snail and Slug Pest Control

Common garden snails can do a lot of damage to succulents in a short period of time, snails can devour mesembs overnight. Snails and slugs are known to attack aloes as well.

Treatment of Snails:

Environmentally freindly:

  • Pick Snails off manually and crush them.
  • Pour salt over them but be careful the salt may damage the succulent.
  • Place a saucer of beer flush with the ground, apparently the snails are attracted to the beer and drown, this has never worked for me.


  • Kompel Snail Pellets sprinkled over the infested area, re-sprinkle the pellets when the others start dissolving.
  • Kompel Liquid snail poison, 60ml/10l water, repeated every seven days.
  • Carbaryl/Metaldehyde
  • Metaldehyde
  • Methiocarb

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