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Snout Weevil

Common Name: Snout Beetle, Snout Weevil, Aloe Weevil
Latin Name: Curculionidae
Size: Between 15mm-25mm.
Colour: Grey, Dark Brown to Black
Transfer: Crawling insect

Description of Snout Beetle:

Snout beetles or snout weevils are grey, dark brown to black in colour. They are between 15mm-25mm in length. A distinctive feature of this pest is the elongated head that makes it appear to be a snout. The lesser Aloe weevils is particularly harmful to Aloes, 5mm-10mm in length, dark brown to black.

Plants attacked:

Aloes and bulbous plants.

Signs of Infestation by Snout Beetle:

Adults feed on aloe leaves causing circular lesions (3mm in diameter) with a transverse slit in the center and crown rot.

Damage Done by Snout Weevil:

Adult snout beetles will leave unsightly marks on the aloe leaves. Thefat c shaped larvae are the culprits. Snout beetles lay their eggs at the base of the aloe leaves, the larvae bore into the stem just below the crown of the plant which may cause the entire plant to die.

Snout beetles are also know to attack bulbous plants.


Treatment of Snout Beetle:


  • Adult snout beetle - gamma-BHC
  • For larvae you will need to bore a 5mm hole at an oblique angle downwards into the aloe stem just below the crown. 5% oxydementon is then injected into the plants with a syring.

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