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White Scale Description and Control

Common Name: White Scale
Latin Name:  
Size: 1-2mm
Colour: White

White Scale Description:

White Scale are small insects approximately 1-2mm in length, they are white in colour. White Scale are sap suckers.

Image: White Scale on the leaf surfaces of Aloe dichotoma.

Signs of White Scale Infestation:

  • Numerous small white insects on the surfaces of leaves.

Damage Done by White Scale:

White Scale causes the plant to look unsightly and if left untreated it may kill the plant.

Plants Attacked by White Scale:

  • Aloes

Treatment of White Scale:

Environmentally freindly:

  • Wash off with soapy water.


  • The aerosol cans that are available at nurseries should be able to destroy white scale.


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